Chief Editor
Anthony Vega
[email protected]
With a background in Journalism and Creative Writing, Anthony loves crafting stories full of efficient language and accurate content.  His writing has appeared in WBUR’s Cognoscenti, Dig Boston, Scout Somerville, Content Standard, STACK, and Spare Change News. As a journalist he’s covered topics like homelessness, local politics, transportation, Latino and immigration issues, and music. As a blogger and press writer, he has worked on topics like religion, local business, video games, social media, and higher education. He was a prizewinner in the Eighth Annual Kingston-Mann Student Research Awards and received his MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from Pine Manor College’s Solstice Creative Writing Program. While he still enjoys researching and writing articles, he enjoys working with a team of writers even more.

Editors Staff:

Orville Tucker
Category: Technology
Email: [email protected]
Orville has a Bachelor in Marketing Management from Utrecht (the Netherlands) and has a lot of working experience with international companies. He has worked in communications within companies and is very experienced with data analysis and reporting. Because of that experience, he enjoys reporting on the life of technology companies and the entrepreneurs who run them. His favorite stories show how an idea can become a completed product, available for widespread use.

Orville’s personal favorite pieces of technology are his Surface Pro and his GoPro (which he uses while cycling on the weekends).

Ruben Stone
Category: Companies
Email: [email protected]
Ruben has been creating and managing content for over a decade. He has extensive experience developing marketing, corporate communications and public relations materials in a variety of fields including finance, banking, human resources, tourism, education, and NGO administration. His specialty is making sense of the complexities of large companies.

Ruben’s personal favorite technology is Tile, because he is always losing his phone, his wallet, and/or his keys.

Linda Barber
Category: Games
Email: [email protected]
Linda writes about gaming technology. Because she understands the programming and strategy involved in creating a game, Linda is well-qualified to write about games and their future. She also has a knowledge of the gaming community, its quirks and its passions.

Linda’s personal favorite piece of technology are her bone conduction headphones, which she uses every day during her morning run.

William Newman
Category: Internet
Email: [email protected]
William is an Internet professional with five years of experience in research, academic writing, content writing, market research, qualitative research and customer support management. He spends much of his time researching trends in online business and online social interaction.

William’s personal favorite technology is video chatting, which he uses to keep in touch with his parents, who live overseas.

Janice Underwood
Category: Living
Email: [email protected]
With a BA in Cognitive Science and Psychology, Janice Underwood writes about how we interact with technology and incorporate it into our lives. She is always interested in how technology can shape our society, whether technology makes it better, worse, or just profoundly different.

Janice’s personal favorite piece of technology is her wireless meat thermometer, since it helps her pull off the big dinner parties she loves to throw.