Google Cloud Platform Now Locally Available In Australia

Google revealed on Tuesday that its Sydney cloud data center is now operational. The expansion by Google into Australia was part of a broader plan announced last year in September. Other cloud data centers have since then been opened in Singapore and Tokyo, Japan as part of that plan. Google’s Sydney cloud region will serve customers in both New Zealand and Australia.

“The GCP (Google Cloud Platform) customers down under will see significant reductions in latency when they run their applications out of the Sydney region,” said Google Cloud’s managing director for Japan and the Asia Pacific region, Richard Harshman.

Reduced latency

Compared to when Google Cloud facilities located in Taiwan and Singapore are used, customers in Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Wellington, Sydney and Auckland will now experience a fall in round-trip latency of between 80 to 95%. According to Harshman this was based on performance testing results conducted.

Google Cloud Platform’s Sydney region will comprise three availability zones. Core services such as Cloud VPN, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage and Compute Engine will be offered. However, services such as Bigtable, Cloud Functions, Cloud Spanner and App Engine will not be available from the onset and will instead come later.

GCP partners

With customers now able to store their data in a facility located within Australia, public entities and other enterprises which had been held back from regulations prohibiting data storage in foreign countries will now have the opportunity to keep their data local.

In order to migrate to Google Cloud’s local availability zones, customers will be required to contact partners of the tech giant. These include consulting firms such as Deloitte and Price Waterhouse Coopers, Megaport, Fronde, Glintech, Onigroup, Axalon, 3WKS, Servian, Shine Solutions and Dialog Information Technology. Some of Google Cloud Platform’s biggest customers in Australia are Woodside, Monash University and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Submarine cable

Before putting up data center farms in Australia, Google made considerable investments in submarine cable capacity. This included investing in FASTER cable which links the United States and Japan. Google also invested in the Indigo cable which links Australia and Asia. After Australia Google is expected to launch data center facilities in Mumbai, India where three zones are currently being built.

Google Cloud’s rivals such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services already had data center facilities in Australia and are now in the process of adding new ones. Amazon’s EC2 services first became available in Australia five years ago while Microsoft launched in 2014.

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