Musk Teases News Of Model 3 As Photos Leaked

An announcement by Tesla regarding the Model 3 sedan which is aimed at the mass market is expected on Sunday. This was the promise given by the chief executive officer of the electric car maker, Elon Musk, after a follower on Twitter pleaded with him to end the speculation regarding the final release date of the Model 3.

“News on Sunday,” Musk tweeted back to the follower.

July production date

Earlier Musk had revealed that the electric car maker would begin producing Model 3 in July. The mass-market car is expected to cost around $35,000. Before the year ends, Tesla is expecting to be producing more than 5,000 units every week. Next year, however, production is expected to be ramped up to around 10,000 units per week.

Earlier in the month, some photos of the Model 3 were leaked and which showed how the car might possibly look like. The pictures were taken In the Palo Alto, California headquarters of the electric car maker and they reveal that the car will have no traditional instruments and will only have a single screen on the dashboard. In the pictures of the interior.

Photo leaks

The pictures of the interior also seemed to confirm Musk’s earlier statements that the Model 3 won’t possess a traditional dashboard display as in his opinion it was unnecessary and no one would care anyway that it wasn’t there. This was also confirmed on the website of Tesla where a comparison of models showed that the mass market car will only possess one display which will be measuring 15 inches.

In the Tesla’s Model S which is more expensive, there is a display that is dedicated for the driver. The pictures also betrayed the fact that control of the Model will only be through the touchscreen. Each of the steering wheel’s sides will also possess one scroll button.

Photo shoot

There have also been other images of the Tesla Model 3 that have been leaked. One of them showed the car in New Zealand where it is believed to have been shipped for a photo op as preparation of promotional and advertising material gets underway.

With pre-ordering having started as soon as Tesla announced the car, more than 325,000 potential customers have already put down a deposit of $1,000. Initially, only the two-wheel drive version of the Model 3 will be available while the AWD version is expected to be launched in early 2015.

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