Hint Of iPhone 8 Launch Date Could Come From Quarterly Earnings Report

This fall a radically redesigned iPhone is expected to be released with analysts projecting that the sales might turn out to be stellar leading to Apple becoming the first firm to have a market value of $1 trillion. However, the exact launch date of the next iPhone has not been communicated.

Though Apple’s tradition has been to release new iPhones in the month of September, some analysts have suggested that this time round there could be a delay leading to the launch date being postponed by up to one month or more. The fact that new iPhones are typically unveiled in September leading to some of their sales being reported in the fiscal quarter that ends on September 30 could mean a hint on the launch date will be given when Apple releases its earnings report for the quarter ending June 30 on August 1.

Earnings guidance

If the guidance that will be provided by the chief financial officer of Apple, Luca Maestri, and the chief executive officer, Tim Cook, is considered to be on the higher end then it will mean that Apple will be expecting to sell some units of the iPhone 8 in the final days of September before the quarter ends. But if the guidance is considered to be on the lower end, then it will mean that Apple won’t be expecting to sell the iPhone 8 before the next quarter which begins in October.

In a client note, Tim Long, an analyst at BMO Capital Markets indicated that he had lowered estimates for the iPhone maker for its quarter ending in September due to the fact he foresees a limited supply of the iPhone 8.

“We are lowering our September unit and ASP assumptions slightly to reflect our view of limited volume shipments of the premium next-generation iPhone,” wrote the BMO Capital Markets analyst.

Production capacity

According to BMO Capital Markets, Apple will issue a guidance of between $43.5 billion and $45.5 billion while giving shares of the Cupertino, California-based tech giant a $170 price target.

Though the launch date of the iPhone 8 will be a factor in short-term trading, it will only be a blip in the long term. This is because even if the launch of the next iPhone is delayed, the sales will still be reflected in the quarter after that. According to Long the production capacity of the iPhone 8 is likely to be ramped up steadily once it’s launched.


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