Apple Expected To Unveil Showcase iPhone On September 12

A product launch event has been scheduled by Apple for September 12 lending credence to the belief that the tech giant will unveil a new range of iPhones as well as smartwatches weeks before holiday shopping kicks off. According to sources the Cupertino, California-based tech firm will launch three iPhones. This will include updated iPhone 7 models which were unveiled last year and a showcase iPhone coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the iconic device.

In the past few months there has been widespread speculation that production glitches would result in a delay in launching the newest iPhones. But if the new devices are launched on the scheduled date and thereby maintaining consistency in Apple’s product cycle, investors are bound to feel reassured that all is on track. A production shortfall is generally not good for investors as constrained supplies hurt sales like was the case with the iPhone 6. Normally the sale of new iPhones starts ten days after they have been unveiled.

Steve Jobs Theater

Previously the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco has been the venue for Apple’s product launches but sources say that this time round, the venue will be at the new Apple campus’ Steve Jobs Theater which has a capacity of 1,000.

Sources further indicate that there has been enhanced production activity with regards to the showcase iPhone and expansion of manufacturing is expected. With an expanded manufacturing capacity Apple will be in a better position to meet the demand that is expected to rise over the holiday season.

Expectations are high that demand for the new iPhone will be one of the healthiest in recent times. A consumer survey conducted recently revealed that in about 52% of the people intending to purchase a smartphone are eyeing an iPhone. This is the highest percentage in the last seven years according to market research firm 451 Research.

AR and facial recognition

Some of the new features expected in the showcase iPhone include facial recognition technology and augmented reality capabilities.

“There’s going to be enough in this phone to lay the foundation for the future of computing as Apple thinks about it,” said Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Creative Strategies.

The date that Apple has chosen for the product launch event will fall just a week following the kicking off of sales for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Among the notable features in the flagship smartphone from the South Korean conglomerate include a revamped dual-lens camera as well as one of the biggest

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