Snap Discover Reaches 10 Million Users In France

Snap Inc has revealed that its Discover video and news feature has managed to attract ten million users in France one year after launch. This is about 15% of France’s population.

Worldwide Snapchat boasts of 173 million users who log in at least once a day. This is according to figures which were released by the company last month. Snapchat’s rival, Facebook-owned Instagram, revealed this week that its number of daily active users had risen to half a billion.

In France Snap’s partners include Cosmopolitan and Le Monde. The partners supply news and video for Snap’s Discover feature and according to the content vice president at Snap, Nick Bell, they were getting generous revenues from advertising. Though Bell didn’t provide an exact figure revenues generated from advertising are shared between Snap and its content partners on a 50-50 basis.

Still unprofitable

Since the messaging app was unveiled five years ago Snap Inc has yet to record a profit. And after going public earlier in the year the price of the stock has fallen by close to 18%.

Outside its domestic market of the United States France was the first country the Discover feature was launched. It has also been launched in North Africa, the Middle East and Germany. According to Bell, Snap Inc is rolling it out slowly since partnerships with publishers have to be developed.

Not all relationships with content publishers have gone smoothly as less than a fortnight ago Al Jazeera was taken off Discover after it was accused by the government of Saudi Arabia of violating local laws. This was in the wake of the isolation of Qatar by its Gulf and Arab neighbors. Al Jazeera, which is headquartered in Doha, is funded by Qatar.

Freedom of the press

According to Snap the local laws that Al Jazeera was accused of violating were related to cyber crime and published material. At the time Al Jazeera denounced the move saying it was an attack on press freedoms.

“We find Snapchat’s action to be alarming and worrying. This sends a message that regimes and countries can silence any voice or platform they don’t agree with by exerting pressure on the owners of social media platforms and content distribution companies,” said the acting director-general of Al Jazeera Media Network, Mostefa Souag, in a statement posted on the media company’s website.

With Snapchat’s core audience being teenagers, the messaging app is highly popular in Saudi Arabia – a country where the age of 50% of the population is below 25.

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