Nintendo NX to pack Nvidia goodies inside and not AMD

Nintendo NX has been announced and while the exact details about what it features are yet to be unravelled there are reports that it will be Nvidia’s processor that will be powering the guts of the new console from the Japanese gaming giant and not AMD.

The latest piece of information comes from Eurogamer with the site claiming that it is not a fodder point from just one source, but it has received the same information from multiple information thereby making it quite credible. Further the site also points out that the current development kit that has been provided to developers is powered by Nvidia Tegra X1 – the same chipset that is found in Shield Android TV console and the Google Pixel C tablet.

So why not AMD? It was a general belief that AMD is going to bag the contract to supply the CPU and graphics chips to Nintendo for its NX, but considering that the Wii U maker has been indicating that it will not be releasing a direct competitor of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, there was a possibility that Nintendo will be pulling a rabbit out of a hat. That’s what it seems to have happened.

Nintendo NX

Word is that Nintendo NX isn’t going to be your regular gaming console that you will buy instead of Microsoft’s and Sony’s offerings, but it is something different. According to reports, the console will be shipped with a tablet and this device will have two controller modules attached. If you want to go ahead with a 2-player game, you detach one of both of the modules from the tablet, attach the tablet to the base station and then presumably connect the two controllers wirelessly to the base station to allow for television gaming. But one interesting thing to note here is that according to what we have been gathering so far, the tablet isn’t going to pack the processing units, but it will be the controllers. Got it?

This is where it gets much more interesting. If you try to refresh your memory and take yourself to the start of 2016, there were reports about Nintendo patents wherein it emerged that the processing power of the gaming console could be enhanced by adding in more controllers or base station devices. We aren’t able to get our head around this and we will wait for the final reveal.

Further, it has also been rumoured that Nintendo NX will be using cartridges and that it will be running a custom version of Nintendo’s operating system thereby making backwards compatibility a distant possibility.

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