Pokémon Go: Where are the shiny Pokémons?

Pokémon Go has already found itself one of the greatest fan following and userbase in a matter of weeks. With users always on the lookout for rare Pokémons, avid fans who have been Pokémon fans since they were kids are asking one question: Where are the shiny Pokémons?

There is no official word about shiny Pokémons in Pokémon Go from Nintendo or its game developers, but the Internet is abuzz with players asking questions on the whereabouts of these Pokémons.

With no official word, there is enough room for speculations with many believing that Nintendo has included them in the game but they will only be available once players reach a certain level. There is also a rumour that they can only be found at special locations around the world like near the London Eye or New York’s Times Square or near Eiffel Tower and other such famous places.

YouTubers have been out and about asking people for their views on shiny Pokémons [like the one embedded below] and there have been all kinds of random answers. Some aren’t even aware what they are while others who claim they are master trainers are of the opinion that they could be placed by the game developers at rather awkward locations that are difficult to reach.

And finally, players have been saying that Nintendo hasn’t added the shiny Pokémons yet and that they will be added later once it is done launching the game in major countries.

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