Microsoft Surface Pro 3 battery drain issue said to be fixable

If you are a Surface Pro 3 owner and have been suffering from the annoying battery drain issue, you wouldn’t have to take your tablet to a nearby store because Microsoft has said that the issue is fixable through a simple software upgrade.

The conclusion has been arrived at by Microsoft after a spate of complaints regarding the erratic battery drain issue on Surface Pro 3 and while there has been no solution yet, the Windows 10 maker believes the fix isn’t a complicated one.

Users suffering from this issue have been speculating that the issue was a physical one and that Microsoft will be required to offer free replacement of batteries; however, that is now out of the window after Microsoft confirmed the issue isn’t a physical one. Quite a few complaints emerged on Microsoft Community a couple of months back with users complaining that the battery on their Surface Pro 3 tablet doesn’t last more than two hours even after a full recharge.

A Microsoft representative noted in a reply to the original complaint that very limited number of Surface Pro 3 owners are affected by this battery drain issue and investigations have confirmed that the issue isn’t to do with battery cells.

“Based on our investigations we can confirm that it is not an issue with the battery cells, and we believe this is something that can be addressed via software”, the Microsoft representative noted.

The news will come as a relief to all affected users, but with no definite timeline for the release of the software fix, it remains to be seen when will the issue be resolved.

Battery issues aren’t new to Microsoft. Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book users complained about fast draining batteries late last year. Quite a few months went by before Microsoft eventually released a fix for it in February earlier this year. Going by that time frame, chances are that we won’t be seeing a fix for Surface Pro 3 battery drain issue until September.

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