No Pokémon Go for Israeli soldiers while on a military base

The addictive Pokémon Go has managed to take on military bases as well and while the game may not sound dangerous, he Israeli military is taking no chances and has banned the game for soldiers while they are on a military base.

The game is off-limits for Israeli soldiers because the military has released a warning stating that Pokémon Go could effectively become a threat for the game activates cell phone cameras and location services and this paves way for leakage of sensitive information including locations and photographs if the bases. Another area of concern is fake Pokémon Go apps that could be downloaded by soldiers and this will effectively cause more harm than good.

While the Israeli military is sending out warning to soldiers, the civilian authorities are also busy warning members of the public about the possible dangers that people could be exposed to while playing the game. One such warning has been issued by Israel Cancer Association, which has advised people not to spend excessive amount of time in the Sun while chasing Pokémons as they could suffer from sun strokes and other complications arising out of that.

The game is fun to play, but in politically sensitive areas, players aren’t able to get the best out the game. One of the primary requirements of the game is a high-speed internet connection and that’s something that the Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza Strip aren’t getting. Israel controls the wireless networks in the area and hasn’t still fulfilled its promise of providing high-speed Internet. Players still have to rely on 2G connectivity and this effectively ruins the whole experience.

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