Bugatti Chiron to be showcased at London showroom

Bugatti is giving its customers in the UK the chance to get up close with the company’s latest car – the Chiron – at its first showroom in London.

The store located on Bruton Street in Mayfair, London has been pegged by Bugatti as a showroom that offers the perfect environment in which its customers will have the opportunity to view, discuss, order, customise the Chiron in a secluded manner. The team that will assist its customers throughout the whole process will be trained by Bugatti directly.

Bugatti also revealed that the showroom packs latest company branded fittings with the legendary Bugatti blue playing a prominent part in the modern and clean styling around the room. While the Chiron is definitely the centrepiece of the showroom, the furnishings of the showroom are special as well for they are the items from the recently launched Bugatti Home Collection including the specially designed armchairs made from finest leather and blue carbon fibre.

Further, Bugatti’s London showroom will also feature selection of art installations and sculptures that celebrate the brand beyond the cars and reflect company’s history and heritage. The launch of the new showroom is an important moment for both Bugatti and H.R. Owen, with senior figures from both companies present at the official opening. Dr Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, and Anita Krizsan, H.R. Owen Bugatti Brand Director, cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new dealership.

About 65 Bugatti Veyrons are currently owned by customers in the United Kingdom and about 15 orders for the Chiron have been received from this country so far. Since the start of cooperation with Bugatti in 2006, H.R. Owen Bugatti in London has always been one of the top performers in the super sports car manufacturer’s dealer network.

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