down! Torrent search engines in danger post KickAssTorrents closure

The latest torrent search engine to wind up operations is as an aftermath of the KickAssTorrents takedown and according to analysts this could be the beginning of a chain reaction that could see torrent search engines calling it quits for good.

While wasn’t a pure torrent search engine index, it was still one of the most used torrent search engines online. started its operations in 2003 and in a span of just a few years, the meta-search engine topped the charts as one of the most visited sites on the world and found its place amongst the torrent biggies.

The closure of comes without any warning and no clear reason. Considering that relied on other torrent search engines for its results including KickAssTorrents and The Pirate Bay, chances are that its source of pulling results have been shrinking lately and this could have been one of the reasons behind closure. There is no indication that was seized by authorities and no reports in any of the local media companies that anyone involved with the site has been arrested by law enforcement.

The site has not only disabled the search capability on the site, when its users try to login they are getting a message, “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.”

From what we believe, the closure is related to KickAssTorrents take down and owners of may be playing it safe to avoid any unwanted legal attention and action. Closure of may have opened up doors for other torrent search engine to take over, but all-in-all the torrent search engine niche has been suffering set backs after setbacks.

Black-listing of hundreds of torrent sites and torrent search engines acorss the world through court orders, closure of major search engines including KickAssTorrents and The Pirate Bay, and heavy handed approach of authorities towards such sites could have led to conditions that will force this niche into an irrecoverable downfall.

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