At 4 GHz Samsung’s Exynos 8895 could be the fastest mobile processor around

Mobile processors have recently been taking major leaps as far as processor power is concerned and if a recent leak is to be believed, Samsung is working on a beast of a Exynos 8895 clocked at 4 GHz.

Right off the bat we would like to warn that you shouldn’t get your hopes up of getting a Samsung flagship powered by such a blazing fast processor considering that it is not official yet that Samsung is working on such a chip and even if it is working, chances are that the processor that is eventually released won’t clock 4 GHz in real world.

Samsung has indeed worked on Exynos chips that have clocked 3 GHz, but when it was released it only clocked a max of 2.3 GHz indicating that the current tests could only be to push the chips to their limits to garner their performance numbers and that real world chipset will not possess such processor power.

The 10nm Exynos 8895 chipset will be a huge leap for Samsung considering that its Exynos 7420 found in Note 5 and Exynos 8890 of Note 7 fame were both 14nm based. There are a couple of reasons why 10nm is the next target for Samsung. First is the tremendous increase in performance, while the second being reducing in power consumption.


The leak comes courtesy of a user on Chinese social networking site Weibo where it was revealed that the next-gen 10nm chip will most likely be released in March 2017. The Exynos 8895 chip will be based on big.LITTLE architecture, which is a method straight out of ARM R&D that pairs together powerful cores with battery-saving, slower cores. According to the leak, the high-performance cores have clocked 4GHz during tests while the slower battery saving cores have clocked 2.7GHz.

The leak also claims that Samsung Exynos 8895 will consume the same amount of energy as the forthcoming Snapdragon 830, which clocks are equally impressive 3.6GHz.

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