Selling electric vehicles using the multi brand retail concept

EVEN Electric intends to bring in a revolution in the way in which electric vehicles are sold by setting up the first global sales and distribution network for electric vehicle transportation.

EVEN Electric will offer multi-brand new and pre-owned electric vehicles through an innovative retail and online customer experience and one of the primary reasons cited by the company’s CEO Mike Elwood for going down this route is that the traditional dealership has failed to deliver the sales and service experience to electric vehicle owners.

To address this inability of the traditional dealership model, EVEN Electric has developed a technology that combines the best of in-store retail experience and on-line experience. EVEN claims to bring an entirely new distribution model through which it will offer its customers an unprecedented level of choice and convenience.

While customer experience is an important factor, the company says that it will significantly bring down costs across the entire supply chain by optimizing the flow of electric vehicles directly to the global markets when and where they’re needed.

EVEN will maintain electric vehicle inventories at efficient and cost-effective centralized processing centers in key countries. Once selected, a vehicle will be shipped to the nearest ‘Customer Centre,’ a streamlined and less capital intensive version of a dealership. Vehicle deliveries – as well as service – can occur at either the Customer Centre, or directly in an owner’s driveway.

Simultaneously, EVEN is engaging and consulting with governments, fleets and NGOs to more fully participate in development of EV infrastructure and deployment. Elwood said that in addition to recent successes in Iceland, EVEN is in advanced discussions with locations in Canada, Norway, Panama, Ireland, Belgium and the U.K. with others coming on line. A recent pilot project in Iceland proved that consumer demand for EVs is high, provided the proper distribution and infrastructure services are in place. The EVEN model quickly sold 100 cars and left an additional 200 orders unmet simply due to supply constraints.

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