‘Alien-like’ orbs that washed up on UK beaches are harmless sea potatoes

Holidaymakers chilling on the shorelines of Devon and Cornwall were treated with a welcome by ‘alien-like’ orbs and while many were baffled, experts have said that these orbs are harmless.

With parents ordering their children to stay away from these ‘alien-like’ orbs on the coastline around the South West coast in the UK, local marine experts have said that they are not alien in nature but in fact they are sea potatoes. Holidaymakers initially reported sightings of few strange spheres about the size of tennis balls, but soon there were reports that there were piles of these orbs along the shorelines of Devon and Cornwall.

For those of you who are not aware, sea potatoes are covered in small spines and are yellow-brown in colour; however, once they die, all that is left is just a brown shell.

Experts have asked holidaymakers not to fear these sea potatoes. According to them, such mass strandings of sea potatoes though are not common are not unusual either. In most of the cases, sea potatoes would have aggregated for breeding and if caught in a storm, they could end up on the shores together.

In what is thought to be the biggest mass death of sea potatoes for decades, clusters of hundreds of the dead animals appeared on the shore at Long Rock between Penzance and Marazion on Wednesday night.

Experts have said that the last major ‘mass mortality’ of the heart-shaped urchins occurred in May 1995, where hundreds of them were washed up on Britain’s south-coast.

Dog walker Jess Arnieson, 27, who is on holiday with her family in Penzance from Newbury, Berkshire, told MailOnline: “No-one knows what they are but everyone is worried.

“We want the experts to examine them and let us know if they are safe, because quite frankly they are really weird and a bit scary.

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