BlackBerry DTEK50’s battery life could be an ugly duckling

Reports indicate that BlackBerry DTEK50’s battery life may not be one of its assets and medium to heavy users could find it difficult to have their phones last all day without a recharge.

BlackBerry’s hardware business has been at its worst sometime back and in a bid to get it back in order, the Canadian smartphone giant switched to Android and handed off designing of its smartphones to another company. DTEK50 is the second in the series of Android smartphones from BlackBerry.

DTEK50 has started garnering a fan following and with it being labelled as a ‘fleet device’ i.e. an enterprise ready device, chances are that BlackBerry will be hoping to the smartphone in large numbers. Privacy and security are DTEK50’s strong points that will appeal to enterprise as well as consumer market and relatively low price is something that is feather in the crown.

While the device doesn’t come with an appealing name and even though BlackBerry didn’t design the phone, the initial reviews for the phone indicate a positive on the design and build front. DTEK50 is the first smartphone not to carry a BlackBerry logo in the front. However, BlackBerry has tried to make up for that with its logo that pops-up when the user switches on the smartphone. The rear of the phone is packed in a protective and textured rubbery back making it easier to hold without slipping. Further, it also helps in keeping the phone rather clean preventing fingerprints and smudges.

Flashy won’t be the adjective we will use to describe BlackBerry DTEK50. The smartphone packs modest and yet attractive surfaces and edges. One of the things that we find appealing is a handy coating on the screen that makes it oil repellent and scratch resistant thereby making the device look much cleaner. Further, from the security angle, it would prevent someone else to guess your password based on smudges left on the screen while you may have entered it previously.

One sticking point is the battery life. Heavy users – specifically those who are constantly attending to emails as well as voice calls over IP as well as regular phone calls – would need to keep an extra battery pack handy and users have indicated that while regular users may find the battery adequate, heavy users might not be able to get a full day’s battery juice on a single overnight recharge.

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