Google Aims To Make Your Holiday Travel Planning Easier with New Update

Google has just released its latest update to its Google Flights travel offering which will tell you the best time for you to book a cheap flight or a hotel room (or both, of course). As the holidays approach, we can expect that people are going to start booking their seasonal travel (if they have not already) so this new feature launches just in time to help assist those looking to save as much money as possible during this high-spending time.

The new Google Flights assistant will, hopefully, take some of the stress out of planning your holiday travel, particularly if you do so on a mobile device. Of course, Google Flights will now tell you when you can expect to find the cheapest flights available. This is based on tracking the price movement for the flight and/or the routes you are most interested in. While this is not, actually, an entirely new concept, Google will notify you when those fares are likely to expire and detail how much you could save by booking immediately (as opposed to waiting it out).

Another Google Flights feature will notify you only regarding specific routes. If you are traveling coast to coast—maybe from San Diego to New York—for example, Google Flights will notify you of all the ways you can save money. This might include departing or arriving through alternate airports or trying different days (all based on historical data).

While Google has announced the update, the notifications for this upgrade will roll out over the next couple weeks. The best part about this, though, is that you can simply sign up to get updates on routes or flights in the future. Even if you are not planning a trip soon, this information could help you stay ahead of the price shifts when it does come time for you to plan your next trip.

In addition, the Google travel notifications can also help you determine the best time to book a hotel room. You can filter out hotels based whether or not they offer deals for your travel dates while the app will already label deals and will now alert you if there exists any specific saving for loyalty members.

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