Amazon Dominates Holiday Sales With Branded, In-House Gadgets This Year

Amazon always sees a major jump in business during the holidays but that is typically due to increased online shopping. The website, of course, is a major crossroads for online retailers looking for a way to increase visibility and for shoppers looking for unique products at affordable prices—and sometimes free shipping.

But this year, Amazon did better than usual thanks to in-house products like the Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker.

The Amazon Echo Dot is a hockey puck-sized smart speaker that topped Amazon’s 2016 holiday sales. This was followed by the Amazon Fire TV stick media streamer then the Amazon Fire tablet, and then the Amazon Echo speaker as the next top sellers.

As per typical Amazon fashion, the e-commerce giant is not releasing any specific sales figures but the company will confirm that its Amazon-made devices were the most popular products on the site this year. This is not too much of a surprise, though, if you look at the figures from last year: both the Amazon Fire tablet and the Amazon Fire TV Stick were among the top three sellers last year. Furthermore, over the course of the past year, both the Amazon Echo and the Amazon Echo Dot had stock shortages that found some people having to wait a little longer to have the orders filled.

It might also have helped sales this year that the Amazon Echo Dot, the Fire TV Stick, and the Fire tablet all priced at under $50 this year. But price was not necessarily a factor: tech was big this year. The larger Amazon Echo device retails for $179.99 and it was still a popular item. As a matter of fact, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners reported that Amazon has sold 5.1 million of the Echo devices since its launch. Overall,l Amazon says Echo device sales were still up nine times more over last year’s holiday season.

This “smart-speaker” space continues to grow in the market, too. Google launched its $130 Home speaker this year, though is having a little more trouble moving units. It is also rumored that Apple is developing its Echo competitor.

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