Best-Selling Gummy Bear Brand To Open Factory in Wisconsin

The iconic gummy bear popular in the United States is made by a German confectioner called Haribo. Yes, you can get gummy bears from other candy makers, but Haribo is typically the brand that comes to mind. And we know that Haribo is, perhaps, the most popular brand of gummy bear in the United States because the company has just announced plans to open its first US factory.

Founded in 1920, Haribo has been a US candy staple since 1982, but only with a sales operation. Since this is the top-selling gummy bear in America, the company says it now wants to continue growing.

According to Haribo head and managing partner, Hans Guido Riegel: “Haribo of America is the fastest-growing candymaker in the US. That is why the step to start with local production from 2020 is important to us,” adding only that the firm has been investigating a US manufacturing facility for many years.

This, of course, is quite sweet news for the people of Wisconsin. This is where Haribo plans to put the 500,00 sq ft, $243 million factory (the southeastern town of Pleasant Prairie). Operations will begin in 2020, adding another facility and country to Haribo’s current resume of 16 production facilities across 10 countries, for a total employment of 7,000 people. They produce roughly 100 million gummy bears every single day.

Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker announced, Thursday, “I want to thank Haribo for its decision to establish North American manufacturing operations in Kenoshoa County, and I applaud the company for its commitment to Wisconsin.” The state offered Haribo an impressive tax incentive to build this factory in Kenosha County, though the Wisconsin State Economic Development Corporation has no plans to release the details of the deal until the board of directors makes an official approval.

He goes on to say, “As a global company with products that are loved by millions, and a legacy that dates back nearly a century, Haribo is a great fit with the many other iconic companies that already call Wisconsin home,” noting also that they expect to create roughly 400 jobs out of this venture.

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