Support For Windows Vista Ended After Ten Years Of Existence

Ten years after it was launched, support for Windows Vista has been ended. Users of the operating system are now required to upgrade to a newer Windows operating system in order to remain secure. This is because security updates or even any kind of update or hotfix will no longer be issued and therefore users will be left exposed to all kinds of risks.

Users of Windows Vista whose machines already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed will be able to continue getting updates for a limited amount of time. It will, however, not be possible to download Microsoft Security Essentials to a computer running Windows Vista if it is not already installed.

Version tips

For users who are not sure which version of Windows operating system their computer is running on, they can click the Start button and key in ‘winver’ in the search box. When a list of results appear they need to open the dialog box titled ‘About Windows’ in order to find out the operating system version their personal computer is running.

Windows Vista will be remembered as one of the least-loved computer operating systems and also one of the most-criticized. Due to how poorly it was received, a significant number of users of the operating system chose to stick with an older product from Microsoft – the Windows XP. And when Microsoft eventually released a successor, Windows 7, the response was much more enthusiastic.

According to data provided by NetMarketShare, the market share of Windows Vista currently is about 0.7% compared to 7% for Windows XP and 50% for Windows 7. The fact that an operating system that is as behind the technology curve as Windows XP is has a market share that is ten times more than Windows Vista which is relatively younger speaks volumes about its failures.

Microsoft recommending Windows 10

Some of the shortcomings of Windows Vista included lack of any useful features or improvement in performance compared to its predecessor. Windows Vista also came at a steep upgrade price. Speed issues were also noted when games were being played or when files were being copied. A patch that was released six months after the launch fixed the problems but the damage had been done.

To upgrade, users of Windows Vista are being encouraged to choose Windows 10 as the best option. But because most older computers might not have the necessary resources to run Windows 10, it will most likely mean they will have to purchase a new computer if they want to upgrade to Microsoft’s newest computer operating system.

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