Switch’s First Month Sales Breaks Nintendo’s Records

Last month Nintendo sold Switch units numbering more than 906,000 in the U.S., according to a press release issued by the company. In the entire history of the Japanese-based firm, this was the fastest-selling system. This caught analysts by surprise since they had been expecting poor sales owing to the pricing of the product. The Switch was release on March 3 this year.

In Japan, the number of Switch units that were sold is thought to be at least 500,000 pieces which means that the American and the Japanese markets combined generated sales of about 1.5 million. When sales from other markets are added, the number could likely be higher.

Impressive start

During the initial six weeks that the Wii U was on the market in the U.S. about 890,000 units were sold. Since it was during the busiest shopping season of the year as it was released in November, the sales figures of the Switch are quite impressive.

However, a Switch game title sold more units than the Switch system itself. In the United States, approximately 1.3 million Zelda: Breath of the Wild copies were sold. Of these 1.3 million copies, 460,000 were for the Wii U and 925,000 were for the Nintendo Switch.

Collector’s item

Nintendo attributes the discrepancy to the fact that some people might have purchased, with the intention of collecting, the limited edition versions and an additional one for actual playing. Another explanation is that some fans could have purchased the game prior to getting the console.

“While Nintendo Switch sales are off to a record-breaking start, shipments have not yet been able to keep up with such high demand. Nintendo is working to make sure everyone who wants a system is able to buy one,” said Nintendo in a press statement.

Earnings report

Nintendo intends to releases its earnings report in the next few weeks and only then will it become clear how the Switch has performed across the world with regards to sales. The company will also reveal its future strategies of growth. Already, Nintendo has revealed that it was in plans to ship around the world approximately 2 million units in the month of March. It is also understood that production plans for Nintendo in this fiscal year have been doubled.

Before Switch broke Nintendo’s sales records, GameCube had held that position since November 2001 when it sold over 660,000 units in its first month since launching.

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