Amazon Will No Longer Offer Unlimited Cloud Storage

Amazon is eliminating the unlimited cloud storage offer for customers of Amazon Drive. The deal allowed customers to store an infinite amount of data on the servers of the giant online retailer for only $60. For users who only wanted to store unlimited photos the cost was $12 per year.

The changes will now see two tiers being offered to customers. In the first tier customers will have access to 100GB at a cost of $11.99 per year. Alternatively, they will get 1TB at a price of $60 per year. Customers who require more storage space will be required to pay an additional $60 per year for every extra terabyte. The maximum storage space that will be offered is 30TB. The prices being charged by Amazon are similar to what Apple bills its iCloud customers. This is cheaper than what Google charges though as its customers pay $3,600 a year for a 30TB storage plan.

Amazon Prime perks

While the changes started taking effect on Wednesday, customers who had acquired unlimited storage will still retain the offer up until the expiry date is reached. Customers of Amazon Prime will continue to enjoy unlimited photo storage though as one of the perks of their membership. Signing up for Amazon Drive also gives one access to 5GB of free storage.

Users who were on the unlimited storage plan and who are not ready to switch to any of the new storage plans that suits them best will have six months within which to delete or download their data. After the six months are over, their data will be automatically deleted beginning with the most recently uploaded data till the account is within the limits of the new storage plans.

Manage Storage

Amazon Drive customers can check their storage status by visiting the Manage Storage page. This is especially in light of the fact that customers who were on the unlimited storage plan will be automatically placed on auto-renew for the 1TB storage plan

The unlimited storage plans was initiated by Amazon in 2015 to fight off competition from rival cloud service firms such as Google Drive and Dropbox. It has, however, proved to be an unsustainable practise. Microsoft also tried the same with regards to its OneDrive starting in October 2014. The plan was killed two years ago and the plan capped at 1TB. Typically, offering unlimited storage space has been used by cloud storage providers to entice new customers.

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