Over 100 Live Channels Added To DirecTV Now

AT&T has disclosed that its DirecTV Now service has over 100 local channels available. The telecommunications giant is also in plans to increase the number of local channels by three times vis-à-vis the number that was available during the launch of the service. Currently local Fox, NBC and ABC stations are now available in seven DMAs namely Washington D.C., San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas-Ft. Worth and Chicago.

Users of DirecTV Now will now get access to over 120 channels nationwide and this includes live sports as well as over 25,000 hit movies, popular shows, premium channels, and on-demand titles. The service allows subscribers to stream content over a wireless or a wired connection on various devices without a need for credit checks, annual contracts or boxes.

No data charges

DirecTV Now service was launched with the aim of giving those who wanted to ‘cut the cord’ an alternative. While it is competitively priced, its biggest selling point is that subscribers who are also on the AT&T mobile network can stream content without having to be charged for data consumed.

In its second quarter results for this fiscal year, AT&T revealed that the number of DirecTV subscribers had reached close to half a million seven months after the service was launched. In the second quarter about 152,000 subscribers were added. Earlier in the year AT&T had reported that the service’s first month of operation had netted 200,000 subscribers.

Cord cutters

The growth in the number of DirecTV subscribers is to an extent helping the telecommunications giant offset the decline in the number of traditional television subscribers. In the second quarter AT&T lost 351,000 subscribers of traditional television. According to the chief financial officer of AT&T, John Stephens, the second quarter saw involuntary churn rise to an unexpected level. Involuntary churn is a reference to loss of customers through cancellation due to factors such as nonpayment.

With regards to the new subscribers of DirecTV, Stephens said that about 50% of them had subscribed after dropping another pay-television subscription, mainly competitors. The other half had never previously subscribed to pay television services in their life.

“We know that traditional TV service is not for everyone. Our focus was on giving customers a great video entertainment experience bundled with mobility,” said Stephens.

Though there was a net decline in the number of pay television subscribers revenues from AT&T’s video entertainment segment rose by 2.1% from a similar period last year to reach a figure of $9.15 billion.

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