HP And Siemens Ink Agreement In 3D Printing

HP and Siemens have inked an agreement aiming to partner in 3D printing technology. In the partnership the NX software platform that belongs to Siemens will be integrated with the Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing systems owned by HP. With the NX software customers will be in a position of developing and managing parts for their 3D printing projects in an environment that is single-software.

The new software module will also allow customers of NX to combine inspection, print job preparation, simulation, optimization and design processes in an environment that is managed. Users will be able to load into NX various 3D part models and then auto test before submitting them to a 3D printer in one environment efficiently and using minimum time.

Increased efficiency

The integration between Multijet Fusion and NX will also take away the need for conversion of data between process steps or software applications. It is envisaged that in the future the integration will allow unprecedented control making it possible to parts with variable conductivity, electrical, thermal, friction, strength, density and texture characteristics to be printed.

The partnership will also see the two companies align their future technology roadmaps with a view to enabling engineers and designers to reimagine products and take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities of HP. This way they will be able to escape limitations imposed by conventional manufacturing which will lead to the production of new products cost-effectively and at faster speeds.

“HP and Siemens are bringing together the best in design and manufacturing workflow software for the best in 3D printing, unleashing a wave of new product possibilities with the speed, quality, and economics,” said HP’s Michelle Bockman.

VerifyMe and HP

The announcement of HP’s partnership with Siemens comes in the wake of the printing technology leader’s Indigo Division signing a deal with VerifyMe, a patented cyber, biometric and physical technologies pioneer which works to prevent fraud, counterfeiting and identity theft. The agreement will see Indigo’s ElectroInk and VerifyMe’s pigment products integrated and used for anti-counterfeiting, label authentication and packaging with a view to offering more security in the supply chain.

The solution has been given the name RainbowSecure and will be distributed all over the world by VerifyMe to be sold to customers of Indigo. RainbowSecure will comprise of a security ElectroInk and authentication and readers tools from VerifyMe which are compatible with security ElectroInk. Support to customers will be offered by both firms.

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