GE Power’s Monitoring And Diagnostics Center In Efforts To Increase Power Reliability

GE Digital has announced that the Atlanta, Georgia-based Monitoring & Diagnostics Center of GE Power will adopt the unit’s Asset Performance Management software that is based on Predix in order to offer the advantages of Industrial Internet of Things capabilities to power utilities and producers across the globe. By running the Asset Performance Management solution from GE Digital, the reliability of numerous power generators and turbines that are monitored by Monitoring & Diagnostics Center will be increased and thereby preventing power outages.

“Data science plays a critical role in improving the reliability of the electricity supply to consumers. With GE Digital’s Asset Performance Management software, our M&D Center in Atlanta will further enhance its ability to forecast and prevent power outages worldwide,” said the president and chief executive officer of GE Power, Russell Stokes.

Emerging economies

In the opinion of the World Bank, businesses and homes in many emerging economies suffer from unplanned power outages which in some cases leave them without power for about 15 days or more in a month. Reports by NERC – North American Electric Reliability Corporation indicate that the average electricity system in the United States suffers downtime leading to the inability to meet demand 6% of the time.

Currently over 500 power utilities and producers who have a responsibility of 900 power plants across the globe use the monitoring services, engineering resources and expert data scientists of the M&D Center to identify issues in their machines and equipment. On a daily basis the M&D Center receives data tags numbering over 200 billion coming from one million sensors which are attached to approximately 5,000 power plant assets in over 60 countries around the world.

Real-time alerts

At present experts depend on phone calls or email to let their customers know of a potential outage. But with Predix, the customers of the M&D Center who will upgrade their contracts in order to benefit from the new Asset Performance Management-based services will get access to asset data in real-time and this will allow for more effective and collaborative trouble-shooting with the help of experts. It will also enhance their ability of forecasting and preventing power outages via predictive maintenance alerts.

According to the chief executive officer of GE Digital, Bill Ruh, the APM analytics of the GE subsidiary were developed after conducting an analysis of data spanning over 125 million hours from turbines and generators. Consequently unplanned downtime has fallen by up to 5% while false alarms have declined by up to 75%.

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