US Army Awards Contract To AT&T

The U.S. Army has awarded a contract of unifying and modernizing its communication capabilities for close to one million users located all over the globe to AT&T. According to the telecommunications giant the services it will offer to the Army will enable personnel to connect, communicate, and collaborate as they conduct day-to-day operations in different parts of the world.

“We’re honored to deliver capabilities that complement our vision of a ‘Network of the Future’ for the Army. These services will help the heroes that defend our nation to connect, share and keep us safe,” said the president of AT&T Global Public Sector, Kay Kapoor.

DoD strategy

The modernization of communication capabilities by the U.S. Army is in line with the strategy of Department of Defense which seeks to maintain the technological advantage of the military by making use of commercial cloud services. The contract will run for five years and will be worth approximately $37 million.

Some of the services that will be provided by AT&T to the U.S. Army include screen sharing, instant messaging, chat, video and voice. To speed repairs for instance, U.S. Army mechanics stationed overseas will be in a position to share screens with other mechanics and experts who are located elsewhere. Commanders as well as their members of staff will also be able to make use of live video links with a view to directing troop operations abroad or collaborating across varied locations.

Cloud-based services

Since the services are based on the cloud, the U.S. Army will not be required to purchase new equipment. U.S. Army personnel located abroad as well in the United States will be able to access these services from their devices be they smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

AT&T’s winning of the U.S. Army contract coincides with the chief executive officer of the telecommunications giant, Randall Stephenson, saying that their strategy with regards to the deal to acquire Time Warner was to ensure that the talent that is already there is maintained. Stephenson acknowledged that AT&T as a telecommunications firm did not have a lot of expertise in the media sector and would therefore need the help of those who are running Time Warner. During a summit organized by Vanity Fair, the chief executive of AT&T also said that the coverage that CNN gives President Trump, and which the U.S. president has criticized, should not be an issue as the merger comes under federal review.


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