Oracle Hospitality In Bid To Improve Speed And Reliability At Event Venues

Oracle Hospitality is offering mobile POS that are rugged and accompanying software for the hospitality industry. This is assisting entertainment and sports venues including theme parks and stadiums to increase the speed at which they offer their services. Consequently this is maximizing operational efficiency besides managing season-ticket holder programs and loyalty while getting real-time analytics and reporting that is detailed.

“Oracle is investing millions in R&D and support to enable venue operators to deliver the service that fans want and expect. Our food and beverage platform scales to support the largest sporting and entertainment venues…” said Oracle Hospitality’s Sports & Entertainment Vice President, Dan Bell.

Speed and reliability

According to research done by Oracle Hospitality, the most important thing for fans is speed and reliability. Around the world the research indicated that about 45% of fans attending events had abandoned lines after waiting for too long. With the Simphony Cloud platform, waiting times can be reduced when a cloud POS is introduced. Oracle also offers a loyalty solution which supports personalization and fan recognition. The enterprise software maker also offers a back office suite which provides cloud solutions which are designed to cut waste, theft and costs while delivering reporting capabilities that are extensive.

From Oracle Hospitality stadiums and other venues for events also get tools with which they can optimize event-day operations using Simphony Venue Management. This solution is capable of tracking food costs and inventory. There is also Simphony Suites Management, a solution which assists in streamlining advance food order production as well as the timed order distribution to event suites.

Sales force automation

The release of new Oracle Hospitality products come at a time when the enterprise software maker has been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in the field of sales automation solutions. Per Forrester Research, one of the main drawbacks when it comes to legacy sales automation is the negative impact it has on productivity.

This is mainly as a result of the tedious manual entry of data that is required of end users. This challenge is however eliminated by Oracle Sales Cloud since it enables the input and access of information by sales professionals in an easy and convenient manner. The solution can be accessed through any device and is also directly integrated with key applications.

Ten vendors were evaluated by Forrester Research with regards to sales force automation and Oracle Sales Cloud emerged as one among three firms which topped the others across 35 criteria.

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