Toyota To Build A Renewable Energy Generation Plant In The United States

Japanese automaker Toyota has revealed that it will be putting up a facility in the United States aimed at generating renewable and hydrogen fuels. The facility will be located in Long Beach and agricultural waste will be used in generating hydrogen, water and electricity. This comes at a time when it is expected that by 2030, there will be approximately 500,000 trucks and up to 15 million cars being powered by hydrogen around the world.

On a daily basis the facility is expected to have an electricity production capacity of 2.35 megawatts. About a ton of hydrogen will also be produced on a daily basis. The electricity and hydrogen from the plant will be adequate to provide power for approximately 1,500 cars that run on hydrogen and 2,300 households. The facility is expected to begin operations in 2020 and will also serve proof-of-concept purposes with regards to renewable energy plants and hydrogen generation on a large scale.

Fall in demand

Toyota’s announcement of the Long Beach facility comes in the wake of the giant automaker disclosing that the motor vehicle market in the United States will see a fall in demand for the second consecutive year. According to Jack Hollis, Toyota’s group vice president of sales in the United States, the demand for light trucks and cars will fall below the 17-million level in 2018. Last year saw an industry record with 17.55 million cars being sold. This year’s sales have however declined by 1.5 compared to last year.

“We’re seeing indications that automakers could close 2018 in the mid-to-upper 16-million mark. That’s not a record-setting figure, but like this year, it will give automakers a sustainable target,” said Hollis.

Sector statistics

In the latest industry report some of the vehicle manufacturers besides Toyota who saw demand fall in the month of November include Hyundai-Kia, General Motors, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Other car manufacturers such as Honda, Ford, and Nissan however recorded increased demand.

With regards to Nissan Motor Co, demand soared by 18% with some of the increase attributed to Nissan brand and the rest to the Infiniti brand. Overall Nissan sold a total of 122,959 cars with two of the Japanese car maker’s crossover seeing increased demand. This was the Nissan Rogue and the Nissan Murano. Honda on the other hand saw car deliveries rise by 1.4% while Ford recorded an increase in demand of 7% for light vehicles.

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