Oracle Corporation Unveils A Marketing Program To Advocate For Better Use Of Digital Data

The stock of Oracle Corporation closed at $49.43 losing 0.92% in yesterday’s trading session. Some nine top Retail Automotive Marketing Agencies have expressed their uttermost excitement after they managed to receive the Auto Elite Data Marketer (EDM) Designation by the Data Cloud of Oracle.

It was today that the Oracle Data Cloud proceeded to unveil a new program revolving around advanced data training and marketing. It will be a program laying great emphasis it offering the various savvy auto dealer agencies the assistance they need in order to be able to use the digital data in the most appropriate way.

The company’s spokesperson stated, “Oracle also announced the first nine leading Tier 3 auto marketing agencies to qualify for the rigorous program and receive Oracle Data Cloud’s Auto Elite Data Marketer (EDM) designation.”

To break it down those companies included: TurnKey Marketing, Team Velocity, Stream Marketing, SocialDealer, L2TMedia, Goodway Group, Dealers United, Dealer Inspire and C-4 Analytics. Experts in the industry have made their projections citing that the Auto Elite Data Marketer program of Oracle will move quite a long way helping the various agencies in the effective allocation of marketing resources. Currently, the advertising budgets are oscillating between the offline media and digital platforms but soon we might be witnessing some sort of stability.

The VP and GM of Automotive for the Oracle Data Cloud Joe Kyriakoza recognized that at the moment the entire automotive industry is moving through the era of transformational change. One thing that is quite evident is the fact that the various dealers are exactly positioned at that point where the rubber meets the road.

He made an assertion on the great need to come up with top end marketing tools which will help increase the market share. One thing that is pretty clear to most of the Tier 3 marketers is the fact that there is great need to reach out to the right audience which will support measurable campaign results.

It will be crucial to take the data skills of the company’s marketing agency partners a notch higher since that is what it will take to influence them to improve and impact most of their clients’ campaign results.

The Auto Elite Data Marketer Program of the Cloud Data of Oracle will be taking into account education and training, co-branding marketing, customized collateral as well as the strategic sales support and it goes without saying that the future looks bright.



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