Cisco And TIM Team Up To Boost Cybersecurity Of Small Italian Businesses 

Italian fixed and mobile telecommunication services provider, TIM, has partnered with Cisco to provide ‘TIM Safe WEB’. This is a secure platform service which assists in safeguarding small businesses from malicious cyber activities such as phishing, ransomware and malware. TIM Safe Web employs a combination of information and unique technologies of TIM with the power of the cloud-based security platform of Cisco, Cisco Umbrella. The cloud-based security platform uses a threat intelligence global database that is constantly updated.

The partnership between Cisco and TIM will see around 600,000 business customers of the latter provided with the service enhancement with a view to improving both their quality of service and security as they are highly prone to cyberattacks. Features such as malware containment and antiphishing will be embedded in the TIM network without requiring new hardware in the premises of the customers. Additionally there will not be any need for installing new software in the devices of clients.

Cisco Umbrella

This protection offered under the partnership will be activated on all systems which have a connection to the LAN network of a customer. Since this will be done at the level of the Domain Name Server, requests to risky IP addresses will be blocked prior to making a connection to the internet. At the moment Cisco Umbrella undertakes the analysis of requests of Domain Name System numbering more than 125 billion on a daily basis in 160 countries spread across the globe. Virtually every request made to malicious destinations is blocked by Cisco Umbrella and end users are thus offered a clean pipe.

Malicious sites that are set to be blocked include those which aim to steal confidential personal information such as private codes and financial data as well as those whose sole purpose is to surreptitiously install malware on the computers of their targets.

Mobile World Congress

“The threat of cyberattacks is a growing concern for individuals and enterprises, and can only be resolved through collaboration among all industry players. TIM… is ensuring that its business customers are protected from malware, ransomware and other forms of cyberattacks,” said Cisco’s Global Service Provider Senior Vice President, Woody Sessoms, in a statement.

This comes in the wake of Cisco disclosing at the Mobile World Congress that it was collaborating with over 20 network operators with a view to offering 5G services. The move by Cisco is expected to disrupt the mobile network gear market that is currently dominated by the likes of Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei.

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