Verizon Wireless To Close Down Seven Call Centers In The US

Verizon Wireless a giant cellphone provider in the US announced recently that it’s planning to close about seven call centers in various States in the US. The affected areas include Huntsville, Little Rock, Arkansas; Franklin, Tennessee; Mankato, Minnesota; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Hilliard, Ohio; and North Charleston, South Carolina. The move is expected to be effective by May 2019.

Though the call centers will be closed, the company has promised that it will keep most of its workforce by transferring them to its new model of working from home. Kate Jay, the firm’s spokeswoman stated that about 700 customer service representatives in Huntsville will transition to their Home-Based-Agent Model, which is more flexible and agile working environment for the workers. However, the firm has not clarified if there will be any job loss during the restructuring.

According to the Verizon, the home-based model is a great opportunity for its employees who would prefer to work with flexibility while ensuring the company meets its customer demands and overall enhancement of its offerings. But the employees who would not want to relocate or work from home will be offered special packages and make sure they get any assistance they need from the company.

The company will vacate the buildings it leased in various places and the employees who work in departments other than the customer service will gradually be relocated to other branches within the area. According to the company, its employees have responded positively to the change as most of them have embraced the flexibility of working anywhere, away from the office.

The company is moving its staff to its various call centers. Last month, the Albuquerque Business was the first to break the news about the changes when Verizon announced its plans to vacate from the Albuquerque call center by next spring that it had invested about $30 million from 2006. But the company confirmed that no layoffs going to take place for all of its 1000+ employees, who would be given the option of working from home.

However, according to a report from the Communications Workers of America, the company’s transition would likely cause the elimination of about 3,000 customer service jobs. But the company has denied the reports and stated that almost 96% of their workers are comfortable working from home. The transitions are expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2019.

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