Huawei Launches Latest Premium Smartphones In Europe

Reports indicate that Chinese smartphone maker Huawei will continue making fresh gains on the European continent as it unveils new smartphones in Paris, France. So far Huawei has competed well against rivals such as Apple and Samsung Electronics. Currently the No. 3 smartphone maker in the world, Europe is expected to help Huawei in becoming the No. 2 supplier of handsets as it is a more friendly market compared to China where competition is intense.

Some of the devices that Huawei launched in Paris included the P20 Pro which possesses three cameras and a 6.1 inch OLED screen. There is also a cheaper P20 which has a 5.8 inch LCD screen. The three cameras of the P20 Pro allow it to produce a hybrid zoom of up to 5x.

No gimmicks

“… it feels like the company has added meaningful features rather than gimmicks, including the five-times telephoto zoom, excellent low light, long exposure performance and crisp black and white pictures the dedicated monochrome lens offers,” CCS Insight’s chief of research, Ben Wood, said.

Huawei’s camera also possesses a built-in artificial intelligence system which is able to recognize scenes and objects and pre-selecting for the subject the best from 19 modes. The AI tool will also assist users in straightening photos as well as zooming out or in with a view to composing group shots. Additionally the AI tool also offers stabilization for videos as well as photos and thus solving a problem associated with wobbly hands especially when taking long-exposure night shots.

Huawei’s own processor

Both the P20 Pro and the P20 are equipped with the Kirin 970 processor of Huawei, storage of 120 GB, memory of 6GB and 4GB respectively and the artificial intelligence co-processor. The water resistance of P20 Pro has attained the IP67 standard. According to Huawei’s senior marketing director, Steve Lai, the battery of the P20 is larger compared to that of the P10 and is thus expected to last longer in between charges. The battery life of the Mate 10 Pro is two days and the P20 should be able to exceed this period.

With regards to the operating system the P20 will run Android Oreo 8.1, thus making it the first besides Pixel 2 of Google to do so. When it hits shelves early next month the P20 Pro will cost $1,116 or 899 euros. There will also be enhanced versions of the P20 Pro which will cost 1,695 euros or $2,100 for a 256 GB version and $2,600 for the 512 GB version.

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