Best Buy And Amazon Partner To Sell Fire Edition Smart Television Sets

Amazon has inked a deal with Best Buy where the latter will be responsible for exclusively selling Amazon Fire-Edition TVs. This was disclosed by the chief executive officer of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, and the chief executive officer of Best Buy, Hubert Joly.

In summer the electronics retailer will start selling over ten 4K and high definition Fire TV models from the in-house brand of Best Buy, Insignia, as well as from Toshiba. The television sets will come with a built-in Amazon Fire TV and this will allow users to search and watch broadcast TV. Additionally users will also be in a position of watching shows from online streaming services such as Hulu, PlayStation Vue, HBO, Prime Video and Netflix.

Voice commands

The television sets will also come with a remote that is voice-activated with Amazon’s voice-enabled assistant, Alexa. Thus it will be possible to pair the remote with Echo devices and consequently users will be able to issue voice commands rather than having to physically control the remote.

According to Bezos the agreement between the two companies will give convenience and simplicity to consumers. Besides the brick and mortar stores of Best Buy the Fire Edition Insignia TVs will be available on The electronics retailer will also sell the TVs on Amazon as a third party.

This is not the first time that Amazon and Best Buy are collaborating as they also partnered with regards to the Amazon Kindle reader. At the moment around 700 Best Buy retail outlets have a showcase table for Alexa where demonstrations on how Alexa works are done.

Product companies

“What’s new in this partnership is the depths of the physical integration between the software and the hardware, between the two companies working together — specifically, the two companies are retailers, but they’re also product companies,” saidJoly.

This comes in the wake of Bezos disclosed in a letter to shareholders that the number of Amazon Prime subscribers has risen above 100 million. Prime subscribers either pay a monthly or an annual fee and in return they get shipping services, free online storage for photos and access to Amazon’s entertainment content that’s streamed online. For a long time the number of Prime subscribers has been a closely held secret and analysts have had to depending on estimates derived from shopper surveys. In the shareholder letter Bezos also disclosed that there were more members joining Prime in 2017 compared to any other year in the program’s history.




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