Facebook Is Partnering With QUALCOMM To Offer High-Speed Wireless Internet

Facebook has partnered with QUALCOMM in implementing its Terragraph project. This is a gigabit Wi-Fi project meant to increase internet speed and allow Facebook send data through routers more efficiently.

Facebook is seem to be getting the project blueprint off the shelf

Facebook first came up with the idea in 2016 during its annual developer conference. At the time, the company described the project as a multi-wireless system that will be used to offer high speed internet connective and would mainly target densely populated urban places.

In what is seen as taking the first real-world trial of the project, the social media giant is partnering with Qualcomm to offer high speed internet in major cities. In an announcement, Qualcomm, which specializes in chipmaking, said that it will add 60 GHz tech to the chipsets that will be produced in the future and the trail is expected to start in the second quarter of 2019.

Allowing customers to upgrade their routers

Qualcomm has announced that its new chipsets will be made with the Terragraph technology so as to allow manufacturers to upgrade routers so as to be able to send data at the 60GHz frequency. This is expected to increase broadband connections to very high speeds.

In a statement, a spokesperson from Qualcomm said that the solution will target both urban and rural areas that have spotty WI-FI zones in some selected regions. Although field tests will commence next year, it is not clear of when the whole Terragraph Project will be fully rolled out.

The Terragraph Project is based on the pre-802.11ay standard and Qualcomm’schipset will offer the required enhancements as well as the integration software so as to allow efficient outdoor operation of the technology and prevent interference in places that are densely populated.

Additionally, Qualcomm has also announced that is making a 5G chipset to be used by phones carriers and manufacturers. The chipmaker is already partnering with “early access” partners on the project. The company did not reveal the particulars of the carriers but going by past partnerships, it is more likely to involve Samsung and Nokia among other carriers. Qualcomm will available samples of the chipset in the market for testing in 2019. This means that the exact date for the product release may be at a much later date.

In a statement, Facebookvice president of connectivity, Yael Maguire, said the company launched the idea of Terragraph to allow customers living in cities have high quality connectivity, which can in turn help to create new opportunities.


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