Facebook Marketplace Introduces Home Services Section

Facebook has added a home services section in its updated mobile Marketplace platform. This means that consumers can now hire home service professionals such as contractors, housecleaners or even plumbers using the platform.

In order to offer a seamless service, Facebook has chosen to join hands with three existing home services marketplaces. The partnership with Handy, Home Advisor, and Porch will benefit Facebook since the three already have a populated database.

Convenience Offered

The social-media company stated that the new feature was necessitated as millions of users have been asking for recommendations for home services. The requests have been increasing since the beginning of this year.

Through the new feature, consumers can now browse through hundreds of thousands of professionals spread out through the country. In the database, users will access credentials, reviews, ratings, and locations of the said professionals.

Another plus for users is that one can go ahead and request a quote right after describing the sort of project they have. The same can be sent out to several service providers at once. Where a particular provider is interested he/she will respond then move onto Messenger for further communication with the client.

What Is The Procedure

Marketplace services are more detailed. In the site, different professionals are categorized in various groups depending on the services they offer. One would, for instance, find a group like “get your backyard summer ready” or “deep clean your home”

A user will click on the category of interest, where one will be automatically taken through a form to fill. Service providers will appear according to the data one fills, upon which more details will be requested.

If one is interested with ‘house cleaning’ for instance, then you would go on to fill in the frequency of the service; like how many times in a month, size of the house, location or even when you need the service.

Recently, Facebook seems to be expanding its list. It has been adding several providers on Marketplace such as auto dealers, retailers, and even landlords.

Facebook announced that the rollout for IOS and Android will begin today. In the coming weeks, it should be available to all U.S users.

This is not all new, Amazon has been offering a similar service known as Amazon Home Services. Google is said to be working with Porch and HomeAdvisor to link its voice assistant users with home professionals. Walmart has also partnered with Handy to offer similar services.


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