Apple Files European Patent For New, Flexible MacBook Pro

Apple has filed for patent to allow for manufacture of laptops using rigid material with a flexible portion at the midpoint so that the device can be folded into half hence it can act as a MacBook clamshell. The European Patent Office published Apple’s patent application recently known as the ‘Interlocking Flexible Segments Formed from Rigid Material’. Since the patent is still under review, it could take some time before the company is allowed to proceed with the design and manufacture of the device.

According to the patent descriptions, the top side will support the display screen while the bottom part will support the keyboard, track pad, and other critical parts of the device. In addition, the interior walls will shield various electronic components. The company intends to design a product from a single rigid material but make it more flexible to be folded when closed.

Crumb-Resistant MacBook Keyboard

Meanwhile, Apple is also determined to develop a MacBook device that can prevent crumbs and dust from finding way into the keyboard keys. According to the firm, liquids and other residues that occasionally spill onto the keyboard can corrode or block the functions of electrical contacts thus damaging the device.

To avoid that, Apple recently filed a patent application to be allowed to develop a new look of MacBook that has the keyboard with insulated interiors and a key-press that pushes contaminants out of the keyboard.

For users of the MacBook Pro, the patent application is good news. Generally, it can be a big deal for a customer to lose keyboard functionality because of a simple strayed crumb particle on a laptop that cost over $3,000. Apple seems to have listened to its customer and it’s determined to redesign updated crumb resistant keyboards in the near future.

In 2015, Microsoft tried a similar design for its laptop when its dynamic fulcrum hinge could support the detachable screen to allow the Surface Books to serve two functions: as a laptop and at the same time as a tablet when it’s turned 180 degrees.

A Focus On Exceeding Customers’ Expectations

Apple is a well-known tech firm that delivers its promise of premium and unmatched user experience. The company leads the industry in products like the MacBook Pro and iPhone that are charged at high prices especially during the launch compared to their rivals in the market. Other firms such as Samsung, Microsoft and more are just market challengers or followers.




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