YouTube Recruits Spotify’s Hip-Hop Programming Head Tuma Basa

YouTube seems to be very determined in putting its house in order. This is despite the fact that the service has been having trending on very rough patches. There have been widespread rumors that YouTube had hired Tuma Basa Spotify’s hip-hop programming head. The rumor further explains that Basa was taking up the roles of an urban music director.

The changes are at a time when YouTube is growing in popularity; thanks to its over a billion users. Apparently, many users have this streaming platform as their default way of playing music online. The change also sets in at a time when the music industry is facing stiff competition while at the same time providing exposure to artists.

Will music industry veteran help in connecting artists and fans?

Apparently, this is not the first time whereby the music industry is experiencing a high-profile poaching incident. There has been poaching of Apple Music’s hip-hop programming lead. However, the question is, what role will Basa play in connecting artists and fans?

Reports from YouTube’s music lead, Lyor Cohen, reveal that the veteran has expansive knowledge. Thus, the streaming platform is hopeful of delivering the best to its users. In any case, he is said to have curated Spotify’s legendary RapCaviar playlist, which has over 9 million followers to date. It is expected that the same will be experienced in YouTube.

New offers from YouTube

Streaming music services help new artists in discovering and creating compelling playlists. This is the reasons, which have prompted YouTube’s move in an effort to becoming extra-relevant to the urban music community. The launch of a new YouTube Music app and other exciting new features will also help the platform drive its vision. The app gives any YouTube user an opportunity to listen to history, recommended music videos, and contextualized recommendations.

Meanwhile, the war between Apple Music and Spotify seems to be escalating by the day. The war began by the poaching of Apple Music’s Head of Artist Curation Carl Chery. He is also the head of hip-hop and R&B programming. Given his exposure, Chery is likely to oversee key A-List playlists on Spotify. This is the same role he was having at Apple.

History has it that Chery is very fond of bringing unknown artists on board and helping them build their global recognition. It is clear that Spotify is doing anything possible to recruit the best talent, the business can afford.

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