iPhone Rumored To Get Three Cameras As Apple Disappoints

Apple is still to unveil its 2018 iPhone models and yet speculation is high that its future models may get three rear-facing cameras. The rumors also indicate that the models will feature a better screen. The rumors were first reported on a Taiwanese publication and most recently on The Korea Herald.

Although not all 2019 models may feature triple rear-cameras, at least according to speculation one of them will. However, all of them may sport OLED screen technology similar to the iPhone X. The said OLED screen boasts rich color production with high contrast and deep black.

The triple camera feature will enable 3D vision for better-augmented reality (AR) implementation. Two of the three cameras are said to be able to study an object from different angles hence creating a 3D vision. In terms of time taken for the laser to reach an object and bounce off to create a 3D version, the system is better than the time of flight (ToF) system.

The triple camera will feature a 3X optical zoom and the third camera will sport a telephoto lens.

Doodling App

In other rumors, a doodling app seems like it could bring Android and iPhone rivals together. A multiplayer referred to as Just A Line is Google’s first Android-to-iOS AR experiment. This will enable anyone with either Android or iOS to collaborate on AR doodles on the same environment.

Even though the app might seem to bring the two rivals together, it is not a guarantee that apps mend relationships. The telegram which is an instant messaging app had partnered with Apple. However, since Telegram has been banned in Russia, it is now accusing Apple of keeping it from updating its iOS app. It further accuses Apple of siding with Russia over the user privacy dispute.

Gamers Disappointed

Some bad news for gamers though, Valve announced that Apple has rejected its Steam Link app. Even though the app is available on Android, the same will not appear on the Apple’s app store.

The PC gaming Giant says that Apple had approved the iOS version but decided to renege due to what Apple termed as business conflict with app guidelines. The conflict had not been discovered by the original review team.

In Apple’s annual WWDC conference kicking off on Monday, eager iPhone fans are hoping to catch a preview of the company’s next software, iOS 12.

Apple has also released iOS 11.4 recently, which enables one to delete and save iMessages through iCloud.



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