Facebook Introduces User Review In Crackdown On Scammer E-Commerce Platforms 

Facebook has announced that it has introduced a new feature that will allow users to review businesses that place their ads on the platform. From the feedback given, the social media giant will delist those that carry the most negative reviews. 

Rooting out rogue actors

The move is one the latest that the company has put in place to root out scammers and rogue actors from its platform. Facebook is now going after ads that give misleading information to coax them into buying low substandard products and services. The crackdown will then be focused towards companies that fail to deliver the products within the specified time. 

In a blog post, Facebook has introduced a new feature under the “Ads Activity” tab where users will post their feedbacks for all the ads viewed. Advertisers that are flagged down due to many negative reviews will be given a chance to improve before further action is taken. Some of the actions taken in the event of repeated negative reviews, is a reduction in the number of ads sponsored by a particular business. 

Boosting business confidence

In a statement, Facebook says that the move is geared at building the confidence of the people in the business they interact with. Additionally, the new initiative will help businesses to work on improving the experience of the customers they serve.

The move is one of the latest that the company has been undertaking to enhance the experience of users. The company has also been reviewing its data policy, in the wake of a massive data scandal that rocked the company. The scandal involved the inappropriate access of user data by third parties.

Latest data scandal

In the latest scandal, Facebook is said to have made deals with selected companies to allow them special access to personal data of users as well as their friends. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal Facebook says it has cut off developers from accessing user data. 

The special agreements were called “whitelists” and they gave the companies access to user information like phone numbers of friends if users and the level of closeness between users. 

These special deals were not among the 60 plus deals that Facebook recently admitted that it had signed with makers of devices. Some of the big companies that benefitted from such customized deals include RBC Capital Markets and Nissan. Facebook partners and advertisers also benefitted from the selected deals.

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