Microsoft Collaborates With Thales To Develop A Unique Defense Cloud Solution

French defense electronics group Thales is collaborating with Microsoft in a deal that will see the two come up with a common defense cloud solution for armed forces as was disclosed in an announcement made on Tuesday.

Recent developments

The latest solution has its basis on the Microsoft Azure Stack platform, which is fundamentally a services-oriented and flexible hybrid cloud environment developed by the two companies. A person well conversant with the latest developments says it will be fully cyber-secured.

Thales’ Nexium Defence Cloud was launched recently and it is constituted by a secluded private cloud infrastructure system. This exciting announcement comes at a time when quite a significant number of armed forces around the globe are channeling a lot of their resources to making heavy investments in the digital transformation space.

It is hoped that Microsoft’s Azure Stack platform will be provided in the form of an integrated system. Thales will be taking to integrating encryption solutions, connectivity and end-to-end cybersecurity into Microsoft’s cloud platform.  

Microsoft’s executive vice president and president Jean-Philippe Courtois opined, “Together with Thales, we will be able to provide a flexible cloud platform with an unequalled level of security that will help overcome challenges within the defense industry.”

Strengthening security

If matters play out according to plan, the two business gurus will become the first ones to provide a complementary solution adapted to the ever changing needs of the armed forces from the national command centers way to the bottom-the individual theatres of operations. The central objective is to provide solutions that ensure security isn’t compromised in any given way.

Experts are in support of this system saying that it is a major stride ahead getting to the point where the cloud computing power and functionalities of Azure Stack is being combined with resilient and robust cybersecurity functionalities of Thales. They asserted that it was crucial storing all classified and sensitive data belonging to the armed forces in the most secure way.

Keryer said that the collaboration was a reflection of shared spirit and passion for top end solutions between the two groups. He expressed great optimism for the future.

He said that they were quite pleased about the success they were witnessing in line with trying to reinforce their strong relationship with Microsoft through the new venture.

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