Titans in the Tech World Battle on Twitter Over Homeless Funding

Two big tech titans feuded Friday on social media over what is the best way to help the country’s homeless, a population that continues to grow across the U.S. in large cities.

Founder of Salesforce Marc Benioff tweeted support for a ballot initiative in November known as Proposition C that if passed would tax the largest businesses in San Francisco to help raise up to $300 million annually to support homeless programs.

In one tweet Benioff said that homelessness was the responsibility of everyone.

Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter responded that he is in agreement, but that Proposition C is not the best way of addressing the homeless problem. Dorsey said that he supports Mayor London Breed who had been elected to battle homelessness.

Dorsey said in his tweet that he wanted to help fix the problem of the homeless in San Francisco and California, but does not believe Proposition C is the best way to accomplish it.

Benioff tweeted that homelessness is everyone’s responsibility and that is why we support Prop C. Together as one San Francisco can take on the most difficult and complex problems of the city and as the largest employers in San Francisco we recognize were represent part of the overall solution.

On Monday, Benioff pledged campaign funds of $2 million to support the initiative. He asked Dorsey in a tweet what he had contributed to the efforts to end the homeless problem including the Hamilton Families Heading Home Campaign of $37 million in San Francisco, which in 2016 Benioff helped to start.

The Salesforce CEO tweeted asking the Twitter CEO which programs involving the homeless in San Francisco he was supporting.

The problem of the homeless has become a troubling one for San Francisco as the numbers of individuals and families on the streets continue to grow and facilities helping the homeless are at their capacity each day and night.

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