The New Picasso? Meet Ai-Da The Robot Artist

Robots are being developed for so many areas in life whether it be delivering snacks to individuals at a university campus or vacuuming a floor or mowing a lawn. And life-like robots have been and are continuing to be developed for numerous scientific exploits. 

Now, however, a robot is being developed to be an artist. Its name is Ai-da, named after Ada Lovelace, a British mathematician and computer pioneer.

Ai-da will be the world’s first artificial intelligence(AI) ultra-realisticrobot artist with a full body.

British gallery owner, Aidan Meller is assisting in her development by the engineers at Cornwall-based robotics company, Engineered Arts which is based in Falmouth, Cornwall, Britain.  His ambition is for Ai-da to perform like her human counterparts and be able to draw people from sight with a pencil in her bionic hand. When this is accomplished, they hope to advance her technological abilities to painting.

According to Engineered Arts, Ai-da will have a “Robo Thespian” body. With cameras in each of her eyeballs she will be able to recognize human features, make eye contact and then follow a person around a room. She will talk and answer questions with people around her. Her movements will be expressive. For instance if you get too close, she will back away blinking as if she is in shock.

Her computer vision has AI running in it that allows Ai-da to track faces and recognize facial features and she will even mimic a person’s expressions, shared Marcus Hold, a design and production engineer at Engineered Arts.

For Ai-da’s head, her creators are using ‘Mesmer’ technology.  On the Mesmer Entertainment Technology website, it is explained as a system for building lifelike humanoid robots –all the parts that are needed to breathe life into a character such as hardware, sensors, firmware and software.

According to Engineered Arts, all of Ai-da’s tech components are designed from scratch so that everything fits and works together in perfect harmony. This Mesmer technology is powerful, elegant and cost-effective.

When Ai-da’s head is finished she will have multi-racial features, silicone skin, long dark hair and 3D printed teeth and gums.

Engineered Arts will present Ai-da in her inaugural exhibition, titled ‘Unsecured Futures,’this May at the University of Oxford, a collegiate research university in Oxford, England and the sketches she has done will go on display in London in November.

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