‘Netflix for Games’: That’s Microsofts streaming goal for fall 2019.

With the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 behind it, Microsoft is positioning itself to become the ‘Netflix for Video games.’The company introduced its xCloud services and a host of its own video games which will all be made available this fall.

With hopes of launching its xCloud service this fall, Microsoft is hoping to establish itself at the forefront of the video game streaming industry in competition with the likes of Amazon, Google, Verizon, and Sony. Google has Google Stadia right now streaming video games and Sony has PlayStation Now also streaming its own video games.

Microsoft is a $1 trillion company and investors are hot to be a part of its plans. There are at least 2 billion gamers around the globe according to a survey by Barron’s and even though Microsoft will not likely sell its XBox gaming console to all 2 million+ of them, it will definitely be able to provide streaming services to as many of them as possible. And currently Microsoft has 60 plus popular games of its own to sell or rent out to gamers worldwide.

Being a leading content provider and a leading platform for publishers, puts Microsoft ahead of the game and in the position of definitely becoming the ‘Netflix of video gaming.’

A plus for Microsoft is its gaming console and the fact that it has in its pocket a lot of already popular games among gamers. Another plus is that the company unveiled more than 60 new games at E3 2019 for both its console as well as the PC. 

Even more advantageous is the fact that Microsoft has data centers located all across the globe which will be an asset to its streaming service in that small interruptions while playing the streamed action-packed video games will be a whole lot less than what the other companies will provide 

Because of Microsoft’s positioning worldwide when it launches its xCloud service this fall for streaming video games, it will have great opportunities to build a subscription service which is where the money will be. As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently shared, they have a huge back catalog of their own games which puts them ahead of the industry.

Microsoft’s goal is to make streaming video games accessible to anyone from anywhere at anytime on any device come fall of 2019.

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