Google and GM Team up For New Vehicle Tech in 2021

It looks like the next big trend in the motor vehicle industry is going to be big tech. General Motors and Google have revealed their collaboration to install Google’s massive lineup of voice assisted tech and apps in their vehicles. The earliest we could see Google apps coming to GM vehicles could be the 2021 fleet.

Announced late in the first week of September, this partnership marks quite a notable benchmark in both industries—tech and automotive—at a time when these two sectors appear to be naturally converging. The fusion is a means to better integrate cars with the types of things consumers have already been accustomed to using in not only their phones but their homes as well.

According to Google officials, this new partnership is actually not exclusive. Indeed, the data recorded and used within the new system will be shared between both Google and General Motors. At the same time, neither company has disclosed the financial aspect of this partnership; at least, for now.

What we do know is that GM expects this new direction will provide drivers with an improved experience without the added burden of connecting their phones to the onboard infotainment unit. GM also says that this evolution could, potentially, help them to make more money from its own in-vehicle apps; which they will definitely continue to offer, even as the technology continues to make personal phones a more accessible part of the driving experience.

GM Vice President of Global Connected Customer Experience, Santiago Chamorro, comments, “Long store short is we listened to our customers. They told us they wanted to integrate all these ecosystems in a safe way, in a seamless way, embedded in the vehicle. We have a great partner with Google to have among the best in the world solutions for all three of these elements: voice, navigation, and apps.”

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